A love triangle ensues between Hendrik and the two women he loves most. One of these women is his sister Lotte, who has always been used to dominating Hendriks life. His girlfriend Karen is different, she could actually imagine a relationship where both of them see eye to eye to each other.

Her only condition: Not having to share him. Hendrik would have to dare withdrawing from is unpredictable sister. But who will find his spot, and where?


Karen: Wanda Badwal
Lotte: Janina Stopper
Hendrik: Gabriel Raab


Script and Director: Mariko Minoguchi
Producer: Trini Götze
DP: Markus Förderer
Editor: Thomas Herget
Music: Benni Benson
Production Design: Viola Findler
Original-Sound: Michael Seifert, Michael Kadow
Colorgrading: Martin Noweck


Original-Titel: Geschwisterherzen
Engl. Titel: Hearts Of Siblings
Language: Deutsch
Subtitels: Englisch
Negative Format: Redcode Raw 4K
Country: Deutschland / Bayern
Funded by: JFF, MZM, BLM