World Premiere: 65th International Berlin Film Festival

Every summer, best friends Josh (17) and Ben (18) spend their vacation at Ben’s father‘s beach house. When Elena, a beautiful and enigmatic 30-year-old woman, moves next door, the two boys fall under her spell and get caught up in a twisted mystery that puts their friendship at stake. The summer ends dramatically and these memories will stay with Josh forever…

Josh: Jude Thomas
Ben: Spencer Kennedy
Elena: Robyn Miller

Director: Janna Ji Wonders
Script: Janna Ji Wonders, Sarah Bräuer
Producers: Trini Götze, Philipp Trauer
DP: Markus Förderer
Editor: Tobias Kavelar
Production Design: Cristina Bejarano-Cobo, Vivian Vivas
Make-Up: René Nerviani
Sound: Renso Landa

Original-Titel: I Remember
Engl. Titel: I Remember
Language: English
Subtitles: German Negative
Format: Redcode Raw 5K
Country: Germany / USA
Funded/supported by: FFF Bayern, Association of Friends and Sponsors of the HFF Munich
Co-Production: BR / ARTE, HFF Munich