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Trini and Mariko met in 2009 while shooting „Um Himmels Willen“. Operating under the name TriMa, they produced the filmlets „lieben allein“ and „Geschwisterherzen“. In 2011 they met Philipp who completed the team as well as the name. Working together as three, they let a fish die in „Karlstod“ and offered a new perspective on mother-son-relationships in „Wie Du küsst“. These experiences made them bond and TRIMAPHILM came into existence. They know occupy a production office in the beautiful Munich disctrict Maxvorstadt.

We see ourselves as creative producers who are involved in every aspect from planning to realization and work closely with directors. Up until now we were able to gain experiences with fictional filmlets, documentaries and commercial spots. Since we pick every project according to our feelings towards the idea behind it, it is hard for us to specialize on a certain genre. All we want is for our projects to incite a similar feeling within the viewer.